2015 Code4Lib Developer House

Historic Hafner Haus, Downtown PDX

1421 S.W. 12th Avenue, Portland, OR 97201, United States
Check In: Noon Sun Feb 8
Check Out: Noon Fri Feb 13


Matthew LaChance  ( u. mich. )

Maureen Callahan ( yale )

Brian Hoffman ( archivesspace )

Mark Custer ( yale )

Esmé Cowles  ( ucsd )

Ryan Rotter  ( u. mich )

Donald Mennerich ( nyu )

Chris Fitzpatrick ( archivesspace )



Proposed Projects:

Plugin Tutorial - make a real usable plugin while capturing a how-to

Theming Tutorial - Same idea, only with theming

Archivematica integration - Building on the Arc4Lib pre-conf

Import / Export customizations - possibly a plugin or just a how-to?


Dashboard front page (facts and figures about collection management statuses, charts-n-graphs about collections, etc.)