Anti-racism and Inclusion in Archives Resource List

While ArchivesSpace works to make the ArchivesSpace application, community, and program more inclusive and anti-racist, we acknowledge we are by no means the only community or program doing this work. There are many that have come before us and many that will work in parallel with our efforts. In many cases work suggested in our community discussions is better addressed or is already being addressed outside ArchivesSpace.

If you are interested in the larger work being done in archives related to ethical collecting, description and access, please review the resource list below. If you would like to add a resource or program to this list, please email

Projects and programs:

Archives for Black Lives of Philadelphia - association of archivists, librarians, and allied professionals in the area responding to the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement

Documenting the Now - tool and community developed around supporting the ethical collection, use, and preservation of social media content and creators of the Archivists working with Activists initiative

Local contexts and Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels - initiative to support Native, First Nations, Aboriginal, and Indigenous communities in the management of their intellectual property and cultural heritage specifically within the digital environment

Mukurtu - open source platform built with Indigenous communities to manage and share digital cultural heritage

Professional organizations:

Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums

HBCU Library Alliance

Society of American Archivists Sections:


Archives for Black Lives in Philadelphia: Resources for Allies

Archives for Black Lives in Philadelphia: Anti-racist Description Resources

Documenting The Now White Paper “Ethical Considerations for Archiving Social Media Content Generated by Contemporary Social Movements: Challenges, Opportunities, and Recommendations

Protocols for Native American Archival Materials from SAA’s Native American Archives Section