Metadata Standards

Description of the Metadata Standards Subteam

The Metadata Standards subteam supports the ArchivesSpace community by taking a transparent and proactive approach to documenting the metadata standards used by the ArchivesSpace application and monitoring the standards landscape. We facilitate this by:

  • Documenting which metadata standards ArchivesSpace adheres to.

  • Maintaining ASpace data maps.

  • Monitoring the archival metadata landscape for changes. 

    • Create JIRA tickets to update standards-related aspects of the application.

    • Make recommendations to TAC/UAC/ASpace Program team when changes related to metadata standards may require the focus and dedication of a working group to scope out things such as the changes needed, dependencies, timelines, etc.

  • Monitoring ASpace user group listserv for standards-related issues and help answer questions, note issues, create JIRA tickets, etc.

  • Advising other Council sub-teams on matters concerning metadata standards. For example:

    • Development Prioritization sub-team may send standards-related tickets to the Metadata Standards sub-team for comment.

    • Advise Tech Docs when updates to the technical documentation are needed.

Metadata Standards expects to contribute in a proactive role concerning the implementation or support of external standards in ArchivesSpace, meaning that the subteam should be tagged on any tickets and included in any discussion or final decisions about whether, how, and to what degree to support an external standard in ArchivesSpace, including changing the mapping for either importing or exporting those standards.