ArchivesSpace Slack

The ArchivesSpace Slack is intended to facilitate conversation among those actively working on teams or projects related to development of the ArchivesSpace application and its community.  The ArchivesSpace slack is not intended to be a member support channel, to replace the ArchivesSpace user group listserv for community discussion, or to replace the ArchivesSpace wiki for meeting notes and documentation. 

The slack workspace is intended to facilitate communication between ArchivesSpace users, including members of the Advisory Councils, working groups, teams like the Core Committers and Training Corps and those spearheading community development projects. Anyone actively working on teams or projects related to ArchivesSpace development or its community may request access to the ArchivesSpace slack workplace and communicate on public channels.  Invitation to join private channels will be extended at the request of the team leader for that channel. 

Channels within the ArchivesSpace slack can be either private or public.  Any ArchivesSpace sub-team, working group or team may request a slack channel to facilitate communication among team members or a community led development project.

ArchivesSpace program staff may or may not join these channels as appropriate and communication in an ArchivesSpace slack channel does not guarantee a response from the ArchivesSpace program team.  If you would like a direct response from any member of the ArchivesSpace slack, including members of the program staff, you should tag that individual in the channel communication. Sending email to will continue to be the best way to reach program team members for needs unrelated to specific collaborative activities.

In addition to private and public channels, members of the ArchivesSpace slack workplace may use the space to message each other individually.  

Slack channels and messages are not intended to replace standing team meetings, meeting agendas, team documentation or email.  

At any time, an ArchivesSpace team may elect to archive their slack channel and discontinue use if the channel is not currently in use or a helpful tool in the team’s workflow.  The team may elect to reactivate the channel at a later date.  Requests to create, archive and activate channels need to be made by a working group or team leader after getting consensus from the rest of the team


If at any time you feel another member of the ArchivesSpace slack workplace is creating an unsafe or uncomfortable environment or violating the ArchivesSpace Code of Conduct contact or follow the reporting guidelines in the Code of Conduct.