2021-11-18 TAC meeting notes


Nov 18, 2021

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Time: Nov 18, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 844 4228 2050
Passcode: 903752
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  • @Valerie Addonizio

  • @kate - Has left TAC

  • @Jared Campbell

  • @Regina Carra- Not present

  • @Blake Carver

  • @Alicia Detelich

  • @Christine Di Bella

  • @Elizabeth Dunham- Not present

  • @James Griffin

  • @Sarit Hand

  • @Regine Heberlein

  • @Brian Hoffman

  • @Randy Kuehn

  • @Dave Mayo

  • @Daniel Michelson

  • @Andrew Morrison- Not present

  • @Austin Munsell - regrets

  • @Elizabeth Roke

  • @Kevin Schlottmann

  • @Rachel Searcy

  • @Jenna Silver - Not present

  • @Tom Steele

  • @saron tran - regrets


  • Updates

  • Discussions

    • TAC Surveys

Discussion topics









5 min


@Randy Kuehn

  • Notetaker:

  • Attendance: @Valerie Addonizio

5 min

Program Update

@Christine Di Bella


15 min

Sub-team Updates

  • Development Prioritization: @Angela White

  • Integrations: @kate

  • Metadata Standards: @Valerie Addonizio

  • Technical Documentation: @Alicia Detelich @Dave Mayo

  • Testing: @Rachel Searcy

  • Development Prioritization: for November: reviewed 21 (kind of-- we didn’t get to 4 of the assigned issues), passed 5, closed 10, recommend community development 1, needs more info 1. for October: reviewed 18 total, passed 12, closed 3, recommended for plugin 1, already prioritized 1, awaiting more info tagging usability 1. for September reviewed 12 total (kind of-- 3 were assigned duplicately): 6 passed, closed 3, awaiting more info 3.

  • Integrations:

  • Metadata Standards:

    • We have identified DACS elements missing from the MARC importer and will document those for the community and write tickets in support of that functionality

    • We are making progress on organizing the EAD2002 mapping for better representation of elements

    • We are addressing tickets as we go

    • We are preparing heavy-hitting topics for the online/member forum (like removing support for certain MARC tags)

  • Technical Documentation:

  • Testing: Jira testing for end-of-year release in late November/early December

15 min

TAC Business

@Randy Kuehn @Valerie Addonizio

  • Wiki Reorganization: Good? Bad? Ugly? Please send wiki reorganization feedback to @Randy Kuehn

  • No meeting in December!!!
    Next Meeting:
    Thursday, January 20, 2022 @ 11am EST
    Will the 3rd Thursday of the month @ 11am EST work for the remaining meetings (aside from the joint TAC/UAC meeting)?

  • Tentative Meeting Schedule & Topics

    • Jan

      • Communication/Improving Workflows

    • Feb

      • Joint TAC/UAC Meeting

    • April

      • Survey results and conversation

    • June - TAC Meeting

      • Retrospective

      • Recommendations based on discussion of survey results Discussion:

    • UAC/TAC Working Group Project Report

    • Thank you to those of you that filled out the recruitment survey.

    • Review Visibility Survey Questions

5 min

Open Mic



5 min

Closing Notes

@Randy Kuehn

Action items





Program Update

  • Working on 3.1, patch release, putting out a patch release which resolves (that) issue, and another set of issues

  • The updates for this might not be that be urgent

  • Also aiming for an end-of-the-year release with additional release

  • Lora Woodford is leaving for another development position elsewhere, and this will reduce staffing resources


Sub-Team Updates

Dev. Pri.

  • Close to having 0 bugs within the queue



  • Kate is no longer available to serve in the Integrations Sub-Team

  • Meetings are going to be held monthly meetings with working sessions

  • Goals of the sub-team have been realigned to include working on the Confluence landing page, as well as for other pages

  • Next week, the Sub-Team shall meet to address layout choices

  • Also, there is planned a routine maintenance survey issued to the community

  • Sub-Team also aims to become more engaged on the community mailing list



  • Addresses documentation

  • Split participants amongst old business and new business

  • Old business

    • MARC order is out-of-place

    • Progress on EAD 2002 element description assessment

  • Handling Jira tickets actively

  • Aiming to have Valerie present during the online ArchivesSpace Forum

    • Currently have the objective of supporting additional MARC tags

  • All requests and questions are welcome


Technical Documentation

  • Continuing to check around the Jekyll Site

  • Improvements and additions are being introduced for the Solr documentation



  • JIRA testing assignments are actively being addressed

  • The sub-team is hoping to complete these by the end of December

  • They are also structuring the process of onboarding new Sub-Team members


TAC Business

  • Reorganization within the Wiki was addressed by Randy

    • Request any and all feedback

  • There will be no meeting scheduled in December

  • January 20th 2022, 11:00AM EST

    • In general these are the third Thursday of every month

    • January, April, and June

    • All found the times for these to be acceptable

  • Randy proposed the tentative topics for these months


Working Group Project

  • This project primarily focuses upon workflows

  • Often when Sub-Team members are assigned responsibilities, but they are not quite certain as to what it is that they are to do

    • Time-based calendars have been drafted as templates in order to assist in providing guidance for these

    • The templates for this are probably going to be finished by the end of this term

      • However, the objective is to ensure that the current Sub-Team chairs are to pass on the templates to the next chairs for the next term

  • These templates are going to be chairs in Confluence


Retrospective Topics

  • During the retrospective for the last year, there were three areas of improvement identified for the community

    • Workflows

    • Recruitment

    • Visibility

  • For this meeting, there is a survey in which all participating is strongly encouraged and valued

  • section:https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/pages/2961113090

    • Please scroll to the section “Visibility”

    • (For 2 minutes, there was a collective review)

    • Feedback

      • If this is too long, bullet points 4,5,6 are broadly covered by the other points

        • These are not necessary

      • In the last bullet point, the first sub-bullet can be removed

      • Some do prefer more of a balance between broadly-scoped and specific questions for surveys

      • Themes

        • Visibility to the community

        • Visibility to the board

        • Is the council itself also a third audience?

          • When speaking of the AS community, one can speak to the specific channels for communication

            • Check off the channels which you know exist

            • Ask which the user knows of

    • Did everyone know that we have a board representative on TAC?

    • Quarterly reports

      • Can we put this out on the listserv?

  • Visibility group aims to ensure that all new members of the ArchivesSpace community have the proper guidance and can readily identify communication channels

    • Perhaps a question should be: We have presented on visibility at the 2020 Forum

      • Should this be included every year?


Recruitment Survey

(Please complete the recruitment survey!)


Awesome ArchivesSpace


Open Mic

  • (No questions or comments were offered)


Leadership Training

  • This is still available, and all feedback is welcome


Meeting adjourned at 11:44 EST