JIRA Resources

In early January 2015, we migrated the ArchivesSpace catalog of user stories from Pivotal Tracker to JIRA in order to enable the community to

1. More easily track development activities

2. Submit bug reports, feature requests, and comments to issues of importance to you and your institution’s implementation.

3. Play a more integral role in our development planning process through voting (ArchivesSpace members only).

  • JIRA (http://development.archivesspace.org)
    • A living catalog of all user stories for the ArchivesSpace application since the beginning of the ArchivesSpace program in 2011, including those completed, those currently being implemented, those prioritized for development, and those not yet prioritized.  You can browse the catalog using labels and other attributes such as type, status, etc. ArchivesSpace users with JIRA accounts can submit bug reports and feature requests

      (As of May 2017, we have closed the previous Support JIRA to new requests; all new requests can now go into the JIRA used for development directly.)

We've also put together some resources to help you understand how ArchivesSpace uses JIRA and how you can use it yourself. You can also access JIRA's online help anytime by clicking on the question mark in the top navigation bar.

How to read a JIRA issue record

How to vote on a JIRA issue


If you have ideas of other helpful resources to add, please let Christine (christine.dibella@lyrasis.org) know, or request a wiki account to add a resource yourself.