Tips for Online Forum Attendees

Thanks for registering for the ArchivesSpace Online Forum. We’re delighted to have over 350 people registered for at least one of the three blocks.

This page includes some tips to make the event a good experience for you and others.

The Online Forum is a free event but we do have limitations on space. While registrations are for a single user, you are very welcome to join the Forum with a group sharing one computer. If you have colleagues who would like to attend from their own computers, please encourage them to register (rather than sharing your URLs with them) so that we can ensure that everyone who signed up is able to get into the sessions.

If you think you registered but haven’t been getting messages with the URLs for the event, please contact ArchivesSpace Program Manager Christine Di Bella ( There may be a problem with the email address on your registration.

The event page has links to session descriptions, speaker bios, and presentations ( Recordings, when available, will be added after the event.

You can leave and come back during the event as you wish. Please note that the connection URLs are different for each block. Be sure that you’re connecting to the right URL.

Your microphone will be muted each time you enter. Please keep yourself muted except when you want to talk to the group.

You can phone in for the audio if you don’t have speakers on your computer or otherwise can’t use the computer audio. If you need to connect by phone, please find your local number at The meeting ID is the last part of the URL for each block. When calling in, please be sure to mute yourself unless you intend to speak to the group.

Because of the size of the group, using the chat for questions will ensure a smoother audio experience for everyone in most cases. Except in sessions that are specifically intended to be discussions with audience participation, we encourage you to save questions until the end of each presentation or group of presentations.

This is a very large group - we will try to get to all questions and issues, but please be patient with us. We will follow up with you after the event if we were unable to get to your question during the event. Feel free to reach out to us at and we’d be happy to put you in contact with specific speakers.

If you have any questions before the event, please contact Christine (

Thank you for your interest in ArchivesSpace and for registering for our first-ever Online Forum. We look forward to seeing you there!