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How to get involved

Development for ArchivesSpace is conducted in month-long sprints, during which new features are implemented, bugs are fixed, and chores, such as updating part of the application stack, are completed.  

Developers and those willing to update or create documentation are welcome to contribute in any given sprint. If you have experience with ArchivesSpace and are willing to take on work considered a priority by the community, you are welcome to join the monthly ArchivesSpace scrum call and commit to take on open issues raised in sprint planning.  Scrum calls are led by scrum master Chris Fitzpatrick. A schedule of upcoming calls and more information about how the scrum calls work can be found here. During a sprint there are also 30-min standup calls at fixed times on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

If your institution has a specific issue or bug to which you would like to commit developer resources, you can indicate this to the ArchivesSpace core development team by logging an issue in JIRA and indicating you have a developer that will be taking on this work. For larger contributions, please contact the ArchivesSpace Program manager.

The ArchivesSpace release process presumes that the master branch in archivesspace/archivesspace is maintained as stable, deployable code, and that a separate branch or repository is used to commit changes prior to release.

Nuts and bolts of code contribution

The ArchivesSpace source code is available on Github. To contribute code, please see the instructions to check out the repository, make changes, commit the code,  and submit a pull-request .

All code contributions should include unit tests and will follow the best practices and standards as outlined in the Contributors' Guidelines.

Contributor License Agreements

Our license agreements are included in our source code repository. These include:

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