2022-02-01 Meeting notes


Feb 1, 2022



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  • @Althea Topek

  • @Randy Kuehn

  • @Matthew Neely

  • @saron tran(regrets)

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Discussion topics

REMINDER: for anyone who would be up for discussing (as there was a document that was several pages long that could be reviewed for discussion): https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/ANW-1209 (Angela has added the ticket to everyone’s assignments as a reminder.)

Topic / Who




Topic / Who




@Tom Steele





  1. User wants the find in manage top containers in resources to not require so far to drop down to select right resource. I tried in my own collection to find WHC--M--464 by entering "464" and sure enough it was listed  4th. I'm not sure if it's possible to make a drop down selection sort by relevance though. the work around is to enter the resource by the first characters in the resource name instead of keyword. In my example it came back with only 2 results. Maybe the user should use the keyword search instead? Merits discussion before passing.

  2. ZoomText is not a free product so I can't really do anything with this one.

  3. This request is straight forward. Duplicated on test server, the second file version replaced the URI in the PUI. both versions should display but aren't. Pass.

  1. Title makes the most sense for sorting. Close.

  2. Pass for screen reader issues.

  3. Pass, but how many? See 1209.

  4. Pass

@Althea Topek





1. I’m not sure what they are asking for - is it to make the error text in the log red as opposed to green?

2. DACS does say “Expression of dates as all numerals is discouraged due to the differing conventions in the order of information.” but this is what the expression field is for so, close?

3. I’m having a hard time picturing how this would look - request more info?


5. New comment from usability - pass

  1. Close

  2. Pass

  3. Need spec, New School spreadsheet may be inspiration

  4. --

  5. Pass for icon view

@Randy Kuehn





  1. Confirmed ref_id can’t be modified via API (v3.1.0)
    Data Dictionary refers to the ref_id as “updatable” - not sure why

  2. Site specific customizations
    Recommendation: plugin or community dev if group decides it would be valuable for other institutions

  3. Recommendation: Pass
    Explore making EAD OAI process more efficient (ruby-oai)

  4. Recommendation: Pass

  1. Ref id shouldn’t be editable. Should change documentation to reflect that. Close.

  2. Already approved for component unique id. Plug-in or community development for the rest

  3. Pass, but OMG

@Matthew Neely





  1. This ticket is requesting the ability to bulk change the link record for several selected digital objects. This ticket is similar to ANW-1295 below. I think this could be useful especially where large amounts of digital objects are linked to a resource record.

2. This ticket is requesting the ability to add / change Record links from within a Digital Object record rather than having to navigate to the Record and create the links there. This seems useful but as the Digital Object is an instance, in the same way as a Top Container, I think this may need further discussion and feedback.

3. This ticket is requesting an audit trail to track editorial changes to records. I think in principle this is a good idea - suggest that we request further details as what a proposed audit function would track and / or a specification.


  1. Need specification

  2. Needs to be part of a larger conversation

  3. More than 1386? Need specification for log of changes. Version control a lot of work, related to audit trail tickets 1136 1137

@saron tran







@Daniel Michelson





  1. This ticket is asking for the pre-populate records setting (used to enable default values) be subdivided into separate settings for each module. The justification seems to be an attempt to turn this functionality into a sort of template. It would be a very awkward and roundabout way of doing it and would require adding dozens of separate options for the various record types and modules. Recommend closing.

  2. This is ticket is asking for changes to custom reports, so we should revisit it after that functionality is actually released. These concerns (from July) may already have been resolved.

  3. This ticket wants the option to add the agent or subject ID as a browse or search column. The use case is probably a bit institution specific, but it wouldn’t hurt to provide that option. If we do provide the option, it should be included for all other record types (resources, accessions, etc.). Suggest modifying as such and passing as trivial.

  1. Want a template function instead? Close.

  2. Revisit when it’s in the release version (keep on for Dan)

  3. Community development, but let’s do it for every browse and search setting, trivial

@Angela White





  1. Lydia wants a type-ahead feature for report keywords and expandable browsing categories based on topics. She also prefers that results in the export not be one per page, as there’s lots of wasted space. The latter two of these seem like a good idea, but I’m not sure if this first is necessary if the second is implemented/

  2. Nancy wants CSV downloads for Collection Management, Container Profiles, and Background Jobs. Container profiles already have a CSV download option, but she also identifies such an easy workaround for the others that it doesn’t seem necessary. Recommend closing.

  3. Dan wants to see barcodes appear at the end of the title string for location records. This would be consistent with the way top container barcodes are represented. Hopefully this is an easy fix? Pass.

  4. If we care about thumbnails for digital objects, we should pass this. It’s very thorough and well thought out.


Action items