September 13, 2021 - Open Call Notes

Demo topic: Overview of the ArchivesSpace build system


A question was raised about when to restart the server.
The team suggested it would be useful for the ArchivesSpace program team to start documenting when it is necessary to restart and where pain points are since team members know some things like background jobs and certain endpoints require a refresh. This isn’t well documented and had to be learned by doing.

A question was raised about how to submit a community developer pull request. 
If you’re interested in submitting a pull request for a JIRA tagged as ready for community developer, please feel free to reach out to the ArchivesSpace team at  All contributions are welcome! 


Topic suggestions for next call:

  • Documentation or ways to make implementing plugins more user-friendly/general session on plugins

  • Problem solving times to help troubleshoot or work through examples 

Other Notes: