Staff Interface Enhancement Working Group

This working group (July - December 2017) evaluated and submitted recommendations to enhance, streamline, and make the staff interface of the ArchivesSpace software application more accessible. A reduced group (indicated with * on the roster) continues to advise the ArchivesSpace program on the implementation of their recommendations.

Initial charge

  • Review, in order to de-dupe and enhance where necessary, outstanding JIRA issues submitted by the community over the years regarding the staff interface.
  • Identify areas of interest not covered by existing JIRA issues.
  • Identify accessibility gaps in the current staff interface.
  • Based on the group's research and member feedback, develop organized recommendations for staff interface improvements.
  • Recommendations should address comprehensively and holistically the experience of the staff interface, taking into consideration the diverse experience levels and needs of staff, student, and volunteers who interact with the program
  • Recommendations should consider both small and major improvements, from changing the size of labels to exploring major revisions to increase the ease and efficiency of use.
  • Once finalized, work with the ArchivesSpace Program team and others to use the recommendations as the basis for a comprehensive specification for the look and feel of the next version of the staff interface.

Get Involved:

This group will convene in video/telephone conferencing calls every two weeks.  During the hour-long conference calls, the meetings will review specifications drafted and uploaded to the Google drive by individual members during that time period, refine scope and direction for the project, and discuss subjective decisions about Staff Interface recommendations (such as layout and organization).  Throughout this process, the Working Group will communicate with the ArchivesSpace member community by issuing calls for comments for various in-progress recommendations.  

The end product of this Working Group will be a comprehensive document of recommendations and wireframes addressing the look and feel of the next version of the staff interface in a Google doc first circulated for commentary, with a final draft posted on Confluence for future action by ArchivesSpace.


NameInstitutionMembership Level
Alexandra Orchard*

Reuther Library, Wayne State University

Very Large
Alexis Adkins*California State Polytechnic University, PomonaLarge
Anna KephartCollege of Southern MarylandSmall
Annie TangJohns Hopkins UniversityVery Large
Benn Joseph**Northwestern UniversityVery Large
Betsy Baldwin*MITVery Large
Caitlin WellsUniversity of MichiganVery Large
Christy TomecekYale UniversityVery Large
Devon ProudfootUniversity of MichiganVery Large
Eleanor BlackmanCase Western Reserve UniversityVery Large
Elizabeth WilkinsonYale UniversityVery Large
Ella von Holtum*Rochester Institute of TechnologyMedium
Emma JolleyNational Library of AustraliaVery Large
Greg FarrAusten Riggs CenterVery Small
Jane LaBarbara*West Virginia UniversityVery Large
Joanne ArcherUniversity of MarylandVery Large
Johanna Carll*Harvard UniversityVery Large
John AnderiesWilliam Way LGBT Community CenterVery Small
Lavinia CiuffaAmerican Academy in RomeVery Small
Linda HockingLitchfield Historical SocietyVery Small
Linda Sellars*North Carolina State UniversityVery Large
Lisa CalahanUniversity of MinnesotaVery Large
Lydia Tang, Chair*Michigan State UniversityVery Large
Lynn Moulton*Boston CollegeLarge
Margaret T. KiddVirginia Commonwealth UniversityVery Large
Mariella Soprano*CaltechLarge
Megan BlairSt. Edward's UniversitySmall
Meghan LyonDuke UniversityVery Large
Miloche KottmanUniversity of KansasVery Large
Monique SugimotoPalos Verdes Library DistrictVery Small
Olivia SolisUniversity of Texas at AustinVery Large
Sara ChetneyClaremont CollegesMedium
Sarah CassoneUniversity of Southern CaliforniaVery Large
Suzanne RellerUniversity of CincinnatiLarge
Thomas AllenUniversity of Texas at DallasMedium

*Indicates member is continuing as part of the Staff Interface Enhancement Advisory Group into 2018 - present

**Indicates member is joining the project as part of the Staff Interface Enhancement Advisory Group into 2018 - present

Working Group Support

Christine Di Bella, ArchivesSpace

Christine Kim, ArchivesSpace