Public Interface Enhancement Project

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Project Scope

ArchivesSpace has engaged The Cherry Hill Company to provide assessment, project management, and design services to the ArchivesSpace program staff and community in support of enhancing the public interface of the ArchivesSpace software application.  As part of this effort, a members-only working group has been convened to work closely with the design firm and program staff to ensure that requirements, priorities, testing, and acceptance of the work product meets member needs and expectations. 

The primary deliverables of this project include:

  1. Establishment of an overall graphic style and interaction design for the public interface and definition of a set of supporting guidelines.
  2. Identification of areas and/or elements of the public interface that could be modified or enhanced in order to improve usability and provide greater ease of interaction for public users of the application
  3. Development of a set of enhancements to the core code base (based on #2 above)
  4. Development of plugins (As possible and in collaboration with additional development partners to be determined)

The project can be divided, roughly, into three phases:

  1. The Design Phase (March - December 2015)
  2. The Development Phase (January December 2016 March June 2017)
  3. The Release Phase (December 2016 - March 2017 March - June - August 2017)

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