Variety of discussion topics

This list is intended to suggest potential discussion topics. Discussion will not be limited to these topics, but has been prepared to help guide conversations through a variety of workflows, projects, or challenges that our community may face. Please feel free to bring up any additional topics during the forum.


  • Plug-ins used at your institution
  • Development work you can participate in (as a developer)
  • How development of the application is prioritized

Transition projects:

  • Migrations projects (including legacy)
  • Data clean-up woes (including legacy)
  • Implementation strategies
  • Integrations projects (Archivematica, Aeon, ILS)

Collection management:

  • Staff interface enhancement
  • How you are managing your digital materials
  • Reports workarounds and tips
  • Customizations (e.g. tooltips, controlled value lists)


  • Public user interface
  • Aeon integrations
  • PUI customizations
  • ILS


  • Ideas for local community activities
  • Characteristics of an “implementation buddy” (mentor) program