2017-2018 Work Plan

The 2017-2018 Integrations sub-team plans to build on the work it completed during it's 2016-2017 year to:

  • create resources about how and why to integrate with ArchivesSpace;
  • better serve the ArchivesSpace community through presentations and communication; and
  • continue tracking new integrations.

As the new year starts, the integrations sub-team is going to take a look back at what we stand for and try to evaluate how we'd like to exist moving forward. In order to tie the team's mission more closely to ArchivesSpace we plan to:

  • Increase listserv participation by making it part of our mission to directly respond to questions about possible integrations or other ArchivesSpace development work.
  • Build out documentation to further aid ArchivesSpace community members with their integration needs.
  • Clarify purposes behind existing integration documentation.
  • Codify a team mission statement

Additionally, the Integrations sub-team would like to increase our direct communication with the ArchivesSpace community by:

  • Attend and participate in ArchivesSpace-hosted open community calls.
  • Create/contribute to an ArchivesSpace blog space with posts or guest posts from those that have created or are creating ArchivesSpace integrations.
  • Serve as active resources for those working on ArchivesSpace integrations, either through email, listservs, or scheduled phone calls.
  • Be first point of contact for integrations-related questions on the ArchivesSpace member group.

Given the advent of ArchivesSpace Labs, the Integrations team also sees the opportunity to:

  • Contributing to projects or other resources that list out ArchivesSpace Integrations, whether that is through Awesome ArchivesSpace or pointing to projects on the ArchivesSpace Labs Github repository.

In addition, the sub-team will continue to:

  • Track ongoing integrations, maintaining the Integrations and Other Community Projects page
  • Contribute to ongoing integration work (as it did for defining specifications for the ArchivesSpace Rights Module)
  • Work with Christine Kim to identify and execute ArchivesSpace Integration educational outreach opportunities.