Design Phase


The PUI Design Working Group will:

  • Review, in order to de-dupe and enhance where necessary, the issues that have been submitted by the community since alpha testing of the ArchivesSpace application began and that now reside in JIRA. The goal of the review is to ensure that all of the issues are defined as clearly as possible, that they are organized into a cohesive narrative of requirements, and that they are prioritized based on member need and use within the coming six month period.
  • Ensure that all reports submitted by members that specifically call out their concerns, needs, and desires with regard to the public interface are properly represented and integrated into the issues noted above.
  • Ensure that a full set of user stories and use cases are provided within JIRA that represent the breadth and depth of member information ecologies and work environments.
  • Work directly with the design firm for the duration of the project (June – December 2015 on a regular schedule to be determined in collaboration with the selected firm).
  • Review and test interaction designs and provide feedback.
  • Communicate with members and serve as advisors to the process on behalf of the full membership.

Design Working Group Members

Mark Custer, Chair

  • Susan C. Pyzynski, Associate Librarian for Technical Services, Houghton Library, Harvard University
  • Cate Putrirskis, Special Collections Processing Coordinator, Ohio State University Libraries - Special Collections Description & Access
  • Linda Hocking, Curator of Library and Archives, Litchfield Historical Society
  • Scott Schwartz, Director of the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music, Archivist for Music and Fine Arts and Associate Professor of Library and Archives Administration, University of Illinois
  • Susan Luftschein, Archival and Metadata Librarian, USC Libraries and Special Collections, University of Southern California
  • Cory Nimer, University Archivist, Brigham Young University

  • Maura Carbone, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Brandeis University

  • Krista Ferrante, MITRE Corporate Archivist
  • Matt Francis, Archivist for Collection Management, Special Collections Library, Penn State University

  • Claryn Spies, Public Services, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library

  • Mariella Soprano, Senior Archivist for Collection Management, Caltech Archives & Special Collections
  • Elisa Piccio, Caltech Archives & Special Collections
  • Dara Flinn, Archivist/Special Collections Librarian, Woodson Research Center, Rice University
  • Jessica Dowd Crouch, Archivist, Irvin Department of Rare Books & Special Collections, Ernest F. Hollings Library

ArchivesSpace Team Participants

  • Brian Hoffman, ArchivesSpace Developer
  • Angela Spinazzè, Senior Director of Collaborative Programs, LYRASIS

The Cherry Hill Company

  • Rain Michaels, User Interface Designer/Project Manager
  • Tommy Keswick, Developer
  • Jungleen Bae, Designer
  • Cary Gordon, Founder

As of December 21, 2015, the final report for Phase I of this project has been uploaded here: 


Final Report:

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Public Interface Specification 2011

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