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  • Address any final unresolved topics within the specs.  If time, briefly summarize highlights of the specs.

Discussion items


  • SIEWG opt-in survey for 2018:
Discussion of issues
  • Organization of Menus
    • Cog and and Systems Settings combined or not?
    • Look at this spec – reason to combine both was that some aspects of managing users at the top menu and some aspects separated into cog/wheel, effort to try to put everything in the same spot
    • Some folks agree they should be combined. But please look at this for final recommendations
  • Access points spec: Nix the term "Access Points"?  Discuss PUI-adapted terms for general understanding vs terminology in staff interface
    • A lot of back and forth about whether to lump agents and subjects together as "access points" or not. Potentially could be which terms are generalized for broader understanding vs. what terms need to be distinct for specific jobs within profession. 
    • Nixing access points. Retain agents and subjects
  • Agents and subjects - merging, deleting question between Data Entry and Agents and Subjects spec.
    • Merge use examples? data cleanup, legacy data, bad ingest data, lack of authority in the past
  • Visual Layout:
  • Data Entry
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1poanmnYaVfU4kUoxyMa6r0GQwA74byvZdduc7smQuYQ/edit?usp=sharing
      This one might require a decision. Do we definitely want to remove manual validation in favor of autovalidating (provided it doesn't validate until after a row is complete), or do we want to remove autovalidating entirely and keep the manual option?
    • Should there be a more prominent alert when two or more users are editing the same thing? (from Brainstorming doc)
      • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZQwFowMnUx8AIiewqbqO08CO9TSGIe22AnYCUza9LEo/edit?usp=sharing
      • What happens when two people are editing? Within one resource? Only the first person would make the change.
      • What if someone is editing the inventory, and someone else editing the notes? The person who saves first wins, and the second will get a message saying it is locked. Locks for editing and says someone else is working on the record. For the entire resource.
      • "It is useful to have multiple ppl edit a record simultaneously if you've split a large amount of data entry among several workers. I would like it to update if it's edited at any level"
    • Lump in Bulk delete/edit and keep Reorder Mode separate as a button (even if it is integrated also into REM)?
    • Location in Hierarchy bulk move clarification?
    • Autosave function - do we always want it?
      • google docs autosave style? or manual save?
    • Clone/copy elements vs data inheritance via linking Agent records?
  • Customization
    • Version control - who last edited, currently it's on who has edited the top-level info, NOT anywhere within the record.  Background Jobs currently "saves" the PDF of the job, could this be integrated with Version Control to save a record at certain points?
 Summaries of Specs Access Points: Agents and Subjects Spec
    • The spec defers to the Agent Team’s future recommendations.
    • Recommend a dedicated ad-hoc group to review Subjects module, similarly to the group that is reviewing the Agents module.
    • Agent records should show all earlier and later forms of itself within the record, following the cataloging source.
    • Adding functionality to bulk merge and/or edit agents and subjects.

     Navigation Spec

    • List navigation should be treated the same regardless of type of list to provide a consistent user experience
    • All linked records should link to one another.
    • Moved the Manage Users and Manage User Preferences into the same page.

     Organization of Menus Spec

    • Refactor the System and Cogwheel menus into a single menu (“System Administration” or “System Settings”)
    • Update Browse and Create buttons to be more inclusive of ASpace functionality (e.g., should be able to browse and create all high level records, including Container Profiles)
    Update Create button to elevate functionality lived deeper in submenu (e.g., Background job functions: Reports, Imports, Exports), and move Default Values (Accession, Resource /Component, and Digital Object / Component) to top level.
Final questions

Resolve all comments, or keep them for context (maybe helpful for developers)?

  • Want the cleanest most straightforward copy for the developers. They don't want the questions – they want the answers (this is how we want it)
  • Go through your docs and if you feel the comments introduce ideas or clarifies things, please adjust the text as needed. Otherwise, let's resolve all the comments and create as clean and professional looking document as possible.
Thank yous and good byes!

Thank you to YOU for all of your hard work in these several months!  Thank you to Christine di Bella and Christine Kim for tuning into our meetings to answer questions and do the meeting notes.

Appologies in advance for a final spamming of your inbox with Outlook cancelations!

SIEWG opt-in survey for 2018: https://goo.gl/forms/qveRCBi2Bs1sI6Dw2

Action items

  • Need to make sure all table of contents are updated both on the individual specs an overarching Table of Contents.
  • Final recs will be posted on Confluence by the end of day tomorrow, unless there are any objections.

Recording and Chat transcript