2017-10-10 Meeting notes


 1pm EST

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  • Discussion on plan going forward
  • Customization, Organization of Menus, and Visual Layout will present today.
  • Any JIRA tickets to pass?
  • Any additional questions/comments?

Discussion items

Welcome and Attendance

Discussion of plan going forward
  • Are most teams done with their documentation?  Who needs more time?  Plan to stitch the documentation together to reduce overlaps and improve organization.  Current editorial team: Lydia Tang (Visual, everything), Alexandra Orchard (Navigation), Betsy Baldwin (Visual, Organization of Menus), Lynn Moulton (Data Entry), Joanne Archer (Customization), Caitlin Wells (Customization), and Devon Proudfoot (Permissions).  Currently needing at least one person from the Data Entry/Edit and Time-Saving Devices teams.  Additional volunteers are welcome!
  • Plan to ask teams to proof-read various sections of the report in the future.  
  • Ideally finish up documentation by Tuesday. And send out a draft to the group to proofread the draft overall report by a page count. (Teams assigned set page numbers.)
  • Volunteers needed!

Customization/Functionality/Other Topics

  • View document: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1sCz9Bz_GBkZDJsTlQ2WkFxRFE
  • Several Jira tickets requested some ways to customize the view of the data entry to hide fields that are not relevant. As well as customize the labels or order of fields and save into templates. Recommend checkbox to display
  • Good to use templates to save these. And apply those to different types of records (accessions, resources, digital objects, etc.)
  • Allow users to choose which fields are most important.
  • Users are currently able to choose the order of display for notes. Recommend doing this for everything.
  • Search and browse display. Two ways to go about improving search and browse results. 1) Increase the fields viewable, or 2) allow users to set preferences.  Adding these can be prolematic since there can be multiple dates, so that would need to be figured out. Many accessions/resources have various extents. 
  • repository branding. brand distinctive repositories within the ASpace interface.  Branding this on the staff backend (vs PUI – visual team looked at it from this perspective)
  • Teminology: Subjects (suggest Access Points instead)
  • Background jobs: No one really knows what this is unless you've been using ASpace. Renaming ideas: Tools, Actions, Functions, etc. Can think about this as a group. Includes Print to PDF (generate pdf?) etc other terminology
  • Feature request for spell check! Prob don't want to get into the agents field and skip proper names.
  • Version control. Have the ability to control display version. Not entirely sure what that would mean. What aspects of version control would be helpful. 
  • Collection mgmt module. This might have to be addressed in the future once new modules are introduced (e.g. assessments)

Organization of Menus 
  • View document: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0RGGN3SfHhRc1J1Vk9IMURHWlE
  • Admin menus. Consolidate administration into a single place.
  • System v. cogwheel. Both include the management option. Have to do with managing the options at the system level. Or options at the repository level. 
  • Replace "Select Repository" link with a dropdown
  • Have account info right in the account. Click on that, get a dropdown with my account.
  • User permissions. How to handle user access. Conslidate "manage users and manage user access in the same place" so when you edit accounts, you can edit personal info as well as group permissions.
  • Browse – add top containers.

Visual Layout
  • View document: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B12JUawTWpm-TVQxemNtdUZPLUE
  • A lot of this can be subjective, so feedback needed.
  • Want to maximize the use of the screen, both computer and mobile.
  • And discusses accessibility.
  • Look at AT and Archon – what do people miss?
  • Accessibility plugin Wave tool on chrome
  • Keyboard commands and make sure interface is completely tabbable
  • Make sure there's not just one single way to accomplish a task.
  • Staff interface sign-in from public interface!
  • functionality of staff logged in users on the public interface. More prominent location information. add a tab to view additional staff info only through the public interface (for ref staff, etc)
  • Feedback needed on where user/global options should appear.
  • Locations for off-site storage. Please share screenshots of your repository uses this! Need to click on each in order to view folder info (info is squished within space)
  • search results, ability to view all.
  • intellectual vs physical arrangement. taken from the public interface. would be nice to see, but could be more fleshed out. need feedback.
  • date modified in search results. currently only for editors of top info.
  • view vs. edit mode.
  • restrictions – to be able to quickly grasp the restrictions within that collection. especially for ref staff
  • confirmation of actions. When transferring a record, some are good with visual confirmation, sometimes no visual feedback. Perhaps change a color, or include a success statement.

JIRAs for discussion

Did not discuss due to time.

AR-1716 - Getting issue details... STATUS AR-1640 - Getting issue details... STATUS AR-1427 - Getting issue details... STATUS AR-1875 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Action items

  • Try to finalize each group's documentation by Tuesday
  • Will send out a link to the draft recommendations before next meeting
  • Lydia to get in touch a little bit before hand to assign teams to some proofreading
  • Next two weeks, teams to think about the documentation they have created and the questions that still need answers, need feedback – send to listserv. See what other people think about these other ideas.

Recording and Chat Transcript