2017-11-21 Meeting notes


1pm EST 

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  • Comb through documentation to make sure that we are making enough recommendations (now is our chance!) and that they are saying exactly what we mean to say.
  • Review feedback/brainstorming ideas.  Discuss over revisions of our recommendations.
  • Field questions

Discussion items

"The Plan"
  addressing issues and ideas 
  • Brainstorming page: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZQwFowMnUx8AIiewqbqO08CO9TSGIe22AnYCUza9LEo/edit
  • Rich text editor for Notes vs. tags for formatting
  • Batch find and replace feature description
  • Material Type "role"
  • Digital Objects
  • Top Containers
  • RDE - add multiple Top Containers and Location via RDE?
  • Downloading CSV from search results page - does it actually work?  Ability to crosswalk metadata across platforms
  • Edit Default Values = save and manage templates?  Potentially add a template view under System Preferences?
  • Approximate, Inferred, and Questionable date labels?
  • Reording modules and data fields in simple data entry and RDE
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

Action items

  • Groups, please continue to monitor your pages and the Brainstorming doc for comments and additional ideas
  • Data entry and Navigation are polishing up a Top Containers page
  • A dedicated page for Subjects/Agents/Access points would be nice to bring together
  • Customization group will spearhead if there's a way to more prominently emphasize their specs on searching and browsing.
  • Stay tuned about a blog draft about the SIEWG project.  Additional collaborative input welcome!

Recording and Chat transcript