2017-08-29 Meeting notes


1pm-2pm EST.

Topic: ArchivesSpace Staff Interface Enhancement Working Group Meeting

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Establish a clear approach going forward with the project.  

  • Proposal: set teams and a team lead, shorten the timeframe for drafting specifications, discuss two-three Topics a week, aim to distribute the recommendations to the ArchivesSpace community by October 24.

  • Iron out questions on organization of topics

Discussion items

  • JIRA in the workflow
  • Round Robin of various developments within the Topics


  • How do you feel about the group assignments?
    • Confusing to move around to different groups.
    • Groups will now be fixed – but not in group that fits strength. Please move yourself to the group you'd like to be in. (or Lydia will update?)
    • Identify your group assignments and get in touch with each other
  • Roster with email addresses on wiki
  • Team lead in charge of communication? Great for group to check in with each other. And ask/answer questions within each group.
    • Search through JIRA for requests that fit your team's group.
    • Drawing on things that can be improved.
    • Write out as much as possible on that.
    • By the end of October
  • Conference calls suggestion: team leads report in to the working group calls. But everyone is welcome to listen in.
  • Google Drive project folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B12JUawTWpm-VjVkWlVYVDEtTjQ?usp=sharing
  • JIRA: is a way to organize development projects and tickets
  • Created a shortlist on the rapid board. Tickets that are ready to move forward
  • Things to consider moving forward:
    • Look at the Visual-Mobile Interface document in google drive folder
      • Investigate alternatives to scrolling in staff interface.
        • Split screen? Look at Archon, AT for inspiration
      •  User login
      • Within specifications, something as simple/low-tech as printing out and drawing over is helpful for developers
    • User accounts and permissions document.
    • Functionality document
      • Search Facets. How much information is required and helpful (or not helpful). How can we integrate elements from public interface into staff interface
  • Deadlines? For January or September or ? release?
    • Combine all specifications by end of October. Give an opportunity to discuss several topics per meeting. Have 2-3 topics to discuss per meeting
    • Each group can expand on their documentation. Present to the group they have, and bring questions ot the group.
    • Starting with next meeting, we will have 3 topics to discuss. And cycle through with end goal of October.
    • Expect a major release to come out in September and another in December. Thinking that most of Staff Interface won't happen until next year. Starting to put the recommendations together by October, but has to go out to the membership to review. But if there are some that absolutely has to get done or it's so obvious the pre-work is ready, then yes!
      • But to get things into September, window is closing. September release includes added functionality worked on outside of the program (Assessment and EAD3). If there are a couple tickets that are easy enough that a developer can work on relatively quickly, then possible.
      • December release, the sooner you can get thing sto us, the better. But end of October time frame would work for tickets as well. Could give enough time for prioritization overall and assign to a developer. However, a huge overhaul won't be done for December. But smaller things are possible.
  • No template currently. But include any wireframes or screenshots of what you would like to be is super helpful.
  • Granularity of Archon. If you have access to other systems and have ideas on what is missing in ASpace, please include!
  • Reviewing tickets

Action items

Recording and chat transcript