2017-09-26 Meeting notes


 1pm EST

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  • User Accounts/Permissions and Data Entry/Edit will present today.
  • Visual Layout, Customization, and Organization of Menus will present on October 10th.
  • Any JIRA tickets to pass?
  • Any additional questions/comments?

Discussion items

Welcome and Attendance

 User Accounts/Permissions 

 Devon presented for the group.

Have had some difficulty determining what "major record types" are. Mostly proposing more granular permissions - for example, separating "creating" and "updating" into different permissions.

Working through Jira tickets - focus on authentication and managing user access and groups.

Have two wireframes showing what they are proposing.

One issue: people from single repositories mostly in their group - would like to hear from people that have multiple repositories.

Some solutions they're proposing for specific tickets:

ANW-97 - active/inactive users - in the user edit account view, have a checkbox to indicate whether active or not; down the road, make there be a way to facet by users qualities. Question of whether too cumbersome to have to edit on each record.

AR-1621 - default repository - also in the user edit account view, create a drop-down to select any of the repositories that you have permissions in

Discussion: Lydia feels the setting up of user accounts is awkward overall, concerned about the temptation of the Grant system permissions checkbox. U-M uses external authentication so doesn't use.

What about ability for users to change passwords or create own accounts with some prepopulated information? Devon says group has discussed some of the issues with giving users this level of control. Lydia suggests a Forgot Password? link even if users can't control the accounts themselves.

Editing and Data Entry

Lynn presented. Group worked across the board on the issues and did a bulk editing session.

New concept they're working on for bulk edit - similar to RDE, with a popup screen that is spreadsheet-like. Starting to spec it out. Add a Bulk Edit button to the tree (in the area where Rapid Data Entry mode is). Dropdown menu to select what you want to do (bulk edit/bulk delete). Radio buttons/check boxes to select individual components for editing.

Jira ticket to pass - AR-1718 - add new sibling or child directly beneath the current component. Agreement in the small group and larger group that this is desirable.

JIRA tickets to discuss/pass

AR-1621 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - user accounts group wants to look at a little more

ANW-97 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - ready to pass

AR-1635 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - ticket needs more documentation, some questions to answer; maybe an Add Above/Add Below button as part of the Add drop down. Or maybe something with the green plus box?Data Entry and Time-saving groups may be able to coordinate on this. Also the Excel to EAD spreadsheet is being used by a lot of people, and Wayne State has their own version. Group members will share some more ideas and local resources.

AR-1529 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - relatively straightforward, housekeeping type of thing. Ready to pass.

AR-1720 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - may be pretty complicated to tackle since a number of decision points. Reordering may be easier with the change in sibling behavior and proposed bulk editing features. Tabling for now so that the Data Entry team can look into more.

AR-1716 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - this one may need some additional clarification and checking against some related tickets. Will do that off call. Lydia will set up a separate Google doc for just this ticket - anyone can contribute.

Other discussion:

  • Still looking for more people to work on the getting the final document together. Currently Lydia and Alexandra are the group. Contact Lydia to join.
  • Are any groups interested in additional participants? Are any participants interested in contributing to different groups?
    • Sounds like all groups open to having other participants

Meeting recording: